Berkeley Nucleonics Releases the Model 970 Portable MCA (Multi-Channel Analyzer) to Address Nuclear Science Research Needs


Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2013 --

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC), a leading equipment manufacturer in California, released the Model 970 Portable MCA at the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium on October 31, 2012.

The Model 970 pMCA is a versatile instrument with capabilities that surpass the industry in benctop nuclear spectroscopy. The Model 970 can be AC powered or run from an internal battery which is convenient for semi-portable applications. Once powered on, the Model 970 will communicate with a PC or other Windows CE/Mobile device and a wide range of solid state or scintillation detectors. The flexible nature of this MCA was designed with a wide range of needs in today’s nuclear research community. Nuclear spectroscopy has become a handy tool in medicine, industrial controls, security, education and energy.

The Model 970 pMCA ships with a copy of SNAP-MCA, a software tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of nuclear data collected and processed in real time. The value to real time analysis includes the ability to collect only the amount of data that is required for disposition or actionable results. It is not necessary to set a preset count time and guess as to the statistical success of the data acquisition. Processed data is available in SNAP-MCA or can be streamed to third party locations or software networks, also in real time. For harsh or unfriendly environments or for highly sensitive materials research, the time savings using a real-time processing tool is noteworthy.

The growing field of radiation detection, nuclide identification, and nuclear spectroscopy present a challenge to budget-constrained customers. The cost considerations when evaluating instrumentation options make buying multiple products or detectors for each application element burdensome. With the Model 970 pMCA, we are introducing unprecedented flexibility, allowing users to use their own gamma, neutron or x-ray detectors. A dual-channel emulator coupled with a gas proportional detector adds gross alpha/beta functionality. Furthermore, the data results can be integrated into your own software reporting programs using standard ASCII or .N42 reporting. We have added a variety of cable options for the Model 970 also, ensuring seamless integration with exotic detectors also.

As you begin using the Model 970 pMCA, you will find that SNAP-MCA is a breath of fresh air when comparing to other nuclear spectroscopy software tools. The software package loads fast and uses common file types and familiar interface menus. Any spreadsheet program can easily access the spectrum files. The SNAP-MCA alarming functionality is also very sophisticated, allowing alarm thresholds to be set on count rates, ROI-specific count rates, rate changes and time interval settings. Peak searching and isotope identification is also handled in real time and can be used to trigger alarm indicators. A trigger out signal can be set up as well to gate other devices (such as a activating a security alarm or shutting down an HVAC system).

“Powerful new microprocessors in our Model 970 are putting a serious analytical tool, a 4096 channel MCA, in the hands of researchers and nuclear engineers who were previously alarmed by overall system cost. With our custom cables that allow users to leverage existing detectors and included SNAP-MCA software tools, the value is remarkable. We understand the tough cost concerns within our scientific community and felt the Model 970 pMCA meets those more-for-less expectations” remarked Robert Corsetti, BNC’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

The company offers a range of custom enclosures (NMEA and NIMA compliant), detector sizes and types, and card level versions of the Model 970 platform. Also, optionally, BNC provides wireless and networking functionality for multiple units working cooperatively. A strong training program with onsite courses and online modules compliment the companies instrumentation line. For details, contact the factory at 800-234-7858.

About The Company:

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States. Founded in 1963, BNC has been a recognized leader in the field of isotope identification and conducts hundreds of short courses on radiation detection and isotope identification for Federal and State agencies.

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