Berlin a fitting home for NGVA Europe’s 2011 event


Germany is a fitting home for NGV2011 Berlin, the 2nd NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops. The federal government has expressed its support for natural gas and biomethane as fuels and advocates for the increased use of this type of fuel for transportation. Furthermore, it has provided tax cuts as an incentive for market growth, expected to remain available for an indefinite period of time. Host city Berlin is the capital of the second largest NGV market in Western Europe and epicenter of a natural gas vehicles industry with much to show, not only in terms of its components segment but also for the 11 OEMs that participate in the market with their NGVs of all types and functions.

This event of NGVA Europe –European NGV Association – hosted by Erdgas Mobil –German NGV Association– and organized by NGV Communications Group, is defined by its theme: “Green Vehicles: mobility for the future”.

The exhibition will take place in hall 18 -with a gross area of 4,000 m2. Next door, workshops will be held in the Palais am Funkturm. On this occasion, the aim is to boost the traditional conferences scene of the sector by promoting a different and attractive interaction with the participants, with diverse facilitators and speakers, such as Gabriele Gozzi, President of NGV Global and Timm Kehler, erdas mobil Managing Director, among many others.

There are already more than 13 million methane vehicles worldwide and 4,000 natural gas vehicles are put on the road each day. As for Europe, 2010 finished with 18% more units powered by this fuel, compared to 2009. Also, CNG buses and trucks have a significant role in the continent: they consume 73.5% of methane applied to vehicles, while in the rest of the world the average is 40.5%.

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