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BERR sets up energy and climate change unit


Source: Materials Recycling Week

The Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform has set up an energy and climate change unit but maintains that the Department of Energy and Climate Change takes “the lead” on energy and climate change issues.

According to the BERR website, the unit “is working to help create the conditions for UK business success through key energy and climate change policies by working closely with and influencing DECC, other Whitehall departments, international organisations and business on key energy and climate change policy”.

But a BERR spokeswoman said: “DECC has the lead on energy and climate change and all Government departments have a great responsibility for climate change. We have close links with companies across the board that will help businesses work to a low carbon economy.”
The unit represents UK business sector interests including renewable energy and biofuels.

According to a Guardian newspaper report (27 April) some civil servants working for DECC are said to be uneasy about the unit. The news report states that DECC’s permanent secretary Moira Wallace said that DECC’s role was as a “campaigning department”. This “went down like a lead balloon”, according to one civil servant because of fears this was a tacit admission that DECC did not have the influence to deliver policies, only to campaign for them.

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