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Berson`s closed vessel, medium pressure UV disinfection systems available in UK


Following the tremendous success of Berson UV-techniek's large, closed vessel medium pressure UV disinfection systems in municipal water and wastewater applications in Germany, France, Scandinavia, the USA and Australia, the company is now offering them in the UK for the first time. Berson, a Halma company based in the Netherlands, will be building on the reputation of its British sister company Hanovia Limited and using Hanovia's extensive service support network.

Berson's medium pressure InLine systems are especially designed to provide closed vessel disinfection of both drinking water and wastewater at very high volumes and flow rates. Berson is the only manufacturer of medium pressure UV water disinfection systems to be certified to the stringent German DVGW Standard, W294 (Parts 1, 2 & 3) – the highest standard currently possible in the world.

Major advantages of closed vessel, medium pressure UV compared to open channel, low pressure UV systems include a much smaller footprint, automated, mechanical cleaning of the UV lamps, and permanent deactivation of microorganisms.

Conventional low pressure open channel UV wastewater systems often need large treatment channels and many numbers of UV lamps, taking up valuable space that could be used for other purposes. Berson's closed vessel, InLine medium pressure systems, on the other hand, have a very small footprint and can easily be integrated into existing pipework with minimal disruption. Keeping all the UV lamps clean in open channel, low pressure systems is also a difficult task and usually requires chemical dosing, a costly and time-consuming process which produces unwanted waste products which have to be dealt with effectively. Closed vessel systems, on the other hand, use in-built automatic wipers which manually clean the quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps, doing away with the need for chemical cleaning. Finally, microbial re-growth, known as photo-reactivation, has been shown to occur when microorganisms such as E.coli are treated with low pressure UV and subsequently exposed to sunlight, as is the case with open channel, low pressure UV systems. This does not happen with closed vessel medium pressure UV systems (references 1 and 2).

'We are delighted to be moving into the UK municipal water and wastewater market,' commented Sjors van Gaalen, Berson's managing director. 'Our UV technology is well established on the European continent and in the USA and Australia, but relatively unknown in the UK. We strongly believe that our unique offering of closed-vessel, medium pressure UV technology will prove just as successful here as it has done around the world.'

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