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Bertin launches the latest AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution


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All-in-one solution with high sensitivity, strong reliability and enhanced versatility

September 2016 -- Bertin, an entity of CNIM group, is pleased to present the latest version of its AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution (developed with Saphymo’s expertise). A portable equipment re-designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity (Rn-222/Rn-220 and progenies). AlphaGUARD is used as a reference by many scientists and service providers worldwide for programs on radon measurement in the environment, mines, laboratories as well as for investigations in buildings. This new product offers improved ergonomics, high responsiveness and an embedded digital display which makes it easier to use on the field.

Bringing radon lab everywhere

This new version features a number of additional measurement modes and a whole set of new analytics functionalities enabling users to increase their scope of expertise. Improved ergonomics, high responsiveness and an embedded digital display make AlphaGUARD an reference device to perform measurement and analysis from a lab to the field. Air, water, gas soil, exhalation measurements are performed thanks to a large range of accessories and external probes.

An unmatched tool for Research & Industries

AlphaGUARD monitors have been used for more than two decades by scientists and laboratories for many varied research programs. Due to a comprehensive range of accessories, AlphaGUARD renders service for multiple applications: radon mitigation, stack monitoring, uranium and rare earth mining, water works, seismic surveillance, radioactive waste management…

With an unequalled 5-year-guaranteed stability combined with its extreme accuracy, AlphaGUARD is also widely used in order to calibrate other radon measurement devices, as Bruno Vallayer, Managing Director of BERTIN Systems and Instrumentation, recalls: “AlphaGUARD has gained high acceptance among radon specialists worldwide. Among the multitude of users, over twenty renowned calibration laboratories are using this instrument as a reliable reference machine for their highly sophisticated routine calibration works”.

New uses emerging as radon concerns grow

Beyond labs and industrial sites, AlphaGUARD is making its way to more general public matters. Radon has been proven to be the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the annual average concentration reference level should be no higher than 100 Bq/m3, depending on prevailing country-specific conditions.  Radon prevention should therefore be considered when new houses are built, as well as radon reducing in existing dwellings. Protective measures have already been included in new building as a routine in Europe (EU BSS 2013 directive) as well as the United States, and are mandatory in a number of countries.

AlphaGUARD’s high responsiveness and strong reliability make it possible to realise real-time onsite measurement enabling testing, inspection and certification service providers as well as construction professionals to detect and measure radon levels in private or public premises and to check in minutes the effectiveness of actions implemented to reduce them. “As per new international regulations, most countries are to develop a radon action plan” says Bruno Vallayer. “Initially a lab device, AlphaGUARD is robust enough to bring its accuracy and its reliability on the field and help dealing with this major Public Health concern”.

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