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Bespoke flexible garden pond liners for sale


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Garden pond liners provide an essential water containment barrier for garden ponds of all shapes, sizes and depths. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) provide a range of pond liners in various types and sizes to suit a wide variety of requirements.

A common alternative to garden pond liners are preformed ponds. However, garden pond liners offer a much more flexible solution, catering for a much wider range of pond sizes and shapes. Liners are also generally easier to install and they are less expensive.

The most robust materials for garden pond liners are Butyl and EPDM. These are both synthetic rubber membranes with remarkably similar appearances and exceptionally tough physical properties, making them ideal for lining garden ponds, lakes and streams. Of these two high quality materials, EPDM has become the more economical and popular choice, and in some cases its physical durability can exceed that of more expensive butyl pond liners.

Black in appearance, EPDM is easy to mould over the surfaces, contours and shelves of a garden pond. It is available in thicknesses of 0.75mm, 0.85mm or 1.0mm, and no plasticisers or additives are used in its manufacture. EPDM matches butyl in terms of its resistance to ultra violet light (UV), temperature and ageing. In tests of tensile strength and tear resistance, EPDM has even been found to outperform butyl, and it can cope well with ground movement without shrinking or becoming brittle over time. EPDM is therefore being increasingly recognised as preferably to butyl in terms of both quality and value for money. EPDM is also eco-friendly, as it does not leach chemicals into the surrounding environment and therefore poses no risk to plants or animals. This makes it ideal for fish ponds and even Koi ponds.

Alternatively, for gardeners on a tight budget who are constructing smaller scale ponds, RDL stocks a heavy duty PVC pond liner, which despite its lower cost nevertheless offers good quality. These PVC liners, along with EPDM and all other pond liners, should always be protected with a protective underlay liner.

The 1.0mm thickness variant of EPDM is commonly used for larger projects and can also be used to produce box welded liners. RDL provides box welded EPDM and butyl garden pond liners, which are well suited to formal garden ponds, fish ponds and Koi ponds. Box welded liners simply drop into the prepared hole without the need for pleats or folding, and they offer a very neat finish. All our box welded garden pond liners are supplied with a 15cm top flange, onto which coping stones may be laid, and our made-to-measure liners come with a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Contact us today with your sizes and requirements for a quotation. Russetts Developments cut garden pond liners to size according to dimensions provide and offer assistance in ensuring correct measurements

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