Best Bird Control Products For Commercial Businesses


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Pest birds cause millions of dollars in damage to commercial businesses every year. From bird droppings to nesting materials that can rapidly accumulate, damage done to buildings and machinery can cost you and your business if not dealt with immediately. Finding the best bird control products for commercial businesses is a necessary task for any successful business owner. So, what are they?

Using Sound

Sound deterrents are an effective bird control product to keep unwanted birds away from your business. Sound machines that play unpleasant sounds inaudible to the human ear can be purchased at a home goods store for anywhere from $100 to $300 each. Unfortunately, birds can become accustomed to these sounds over time, so changing them out consistently becomes a necessity if you seek lasting results.

Using Sight

Using unpleasant visual stimuli is a less expensive method to deter pest birds. Balloons with menacing faces on them can be placed around your building to scare birds away and cost only $5 to $20 apiece. However, like sound deterrents, they must be changed out often in order to be effective. Additionally, many business owners do not want unsightly visual bird deterrents distracting customers from their building.

Using Spray

The best and most effective method of keeping birds away from your commercial business is a non-toxic bird spray. Avian Control bird repellent is an excellent example of a lasting, cost-effective bird spray that won’t harm the environment. It works by irritating the pain receptors associated with bird’s sense of taste and smell without inflicting any actual harm to them or any surrounding human or animal life.

Avian Control For Commercial Businesses

Bird Repellent Commercial Building | Non-Toxic Chemical Bird Control

While Avian Control bird spray requires repeated application for lasting results, it is easy to apply and more cost-effective than maintaining a sound machine and/or replacing balloons every week to keep pesky birds at bay. Not to mention, your customers will be totally unaware!

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