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Best possible protection against floods in residential areas


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With focus on simple and innovative solutions, we at Wapro have prevented thousands of floods worldwide. Our products are put to the test daily with chemicals, temperature changes, debris and unforeseen events. Keeping common sense and simplicity as keywords throughout development, Wapro is able to provide effective solutions which can be installed in minutes.

In a residential area in Köping, Sweden, the municipal network had problems with waste water in areas with highly located properties on one side of the road and low located properties on the other side. This resulted in recurring floods for the homes on the lower side, causing sleepless nights of worrying for the homeowners.

To prevent the floods, the Municipality of Köping decided to build a new sewer network in the area. The sewer network will lead to pump stations which raises the water so that it can flow on despite the ground levels. In order to give the residents peace of mind and prevent flooding, it was also decided to install eleven Wapro Access chambers with a WaStop inline check valve DN160 on the properties sewer line. If a pump in the pump station malfunctions, WaStop will prevent waste water backflow from flooding the properties by keeping the water in the Access chamber.

Wapro Access is delivered complete with inspection chamber and check valve in one. The ‘easy-remove’ check valve makes the chamber easy to rinse. Wastop provides the best possible solution against back flow. The homeowners in Köping no longer need to worry about waste water entering their homes, destroying property and memories. Holding back the flood.

Our Design Engineers, led by Pontus Magnusson, developed WaStop on the same principles that are the foundation of Wapro. WaStop’s ingenious function combines common sense and simplicity to provide our customers with the best possible protection against flooding and backflow. We know that our products make a difference. Holding back the flood.

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