Best Practice Customer Retention in the British Energy Market

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Utilities in the UK continue to face major challenges in the form of Ofgem's Retail Market Review, the battle to regain trust in difficult economic conditions, growing environmental pressures, and demands from regulators and government to facilitate greater switching between suppliers.

Features and benefits

* This report assesses the best strategies used in the British domestic and B2B markets, and highlights some disruptive and bold new approaches.
* A wide variety of customer retention strategies have been profiled, and the effectiveness of each has also been analyzed.


The key for suppliers to continue performing within these constraints is to minimize costs by retaining customers. Good practices in customer retention, enhancing customer loyalty in particular, will enable utilities to be able to do this despite the varied challenges in the market.

Your key questions answered

* Out of a wide range of available options, which retention strategy do I adopt to optimize both customer retention and retail margin?
* How do the switching behavior and priorities of suppliers' target market segments impact on the tailoring of retention strategies?

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