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How we design refractory for high temperature incinerators and cremators

You may wonder why there is such a varied approach to the refractory construction of high temperature incinerators and cremators across the industry. In fact, even across the Matthews Environmental Solutions range of high temperature incinerators and cremators you will find a vast range of refractory products and techniques used to ensure that quality of our equipment not only meets but far exceeds the expectations of our valued clients.

By far the most common combination of materials found in a Matthews Environmental Solutions high temperature incinerator is castable hot face material backed up by calcium silicate insulation. Combined with the cylindrical design of our Surefire incinerators and pet cremators, the use of high grade castable material offers the most robust possible refractory construction, designed to last. Calcium silicate insulation material ensures that external temperatures are kept well within safe limits – no unsightly burning paint and obligatory ‘CAUTION HOT’ stickers on our machines.

There’s a common misconception that cast lining systems (often referred to as concrete) are inferior to brick for several reasons. In fact, just one of these misconceptions forms the basis for every other one, that is, the belief that cast systems rely upon only unskilled labour. Matthews Environmental Solutions rely upon a team of time served refractory engineers to not only install, but design the refractory installation of every machine to suit individual requirements. In many cases, our design incorporates a range of materials and techniques specified to suit the conditions in specific areas of the machine and the waste to be treated. This often incorporates a combination of castable materials and bricks and a range of material thicknesses and grades. We even refractory line our chimneys and doors to ensure they last just as long as our incinerators.

All of our refractory work is carried out in-house and this includes manufacture of formers and mold boxes for unique pieces that go into some of our bespoke units. This gives us ultimate control over quality and unlimited capability in bespoke solutions.

Following the completion of all the engineering work in our Manchester facility, our quality control engineers rigorously test every high temperature incinerator including firing the burners and curing the refractory lining ready for shipment to its final destination.

Many of our high temperature incinerators make it to locations far and wide, many remote. It is not uncommon to never see or hear of these machines again due to the unrivalled quality and longevity, that is, until someone with a requirement for a new incinerator stumbles across it and calls the Matthews Environmental Solutions phone number proudly emblazoned on the ID plate.

This is yet another reason for the worldwide confidence that our market leading range of high temperature incinerators and cremators inspire.  Made in the UK … recognised and respected around the world.

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