Better waste regulation action programme published

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has published its Better Waste Regulation Action Programme. The Programme follows the joint consultation paper, ‘Better Waste Regulation’, published in March 2007 with the Scottish Government.

Responses to the Consultation resulted in strong collaboration between the Scottish Government, SEPA, and the business sector on specific actions to improve waste legislation in Scotland. The findings have been published in a summary report and actions arising from this report will be delivered by the Better Waste Regulation Action Programme.

Work from the programme has already started and SEPA has developed and launched a system for the electronic registration of waste management licensing exemptions along with associated guidance and advice. The training available to SEPA staff involved in waste regulation has been reviewed and new training courses are in development. A significant redesign of SEPA’s website is underway which should result in easier access to information. One of the most significant outputs from the programme will be the consolidation of approximately 20 pieces of legislation relating to waste management licensing into one piece of legislation. The Scottish Government has already started this work. In developing a new focus on waste, SEPA hopes to be able to target illegal operators with greater effectiveness.

The industry-led Regulatory Review Group chaired by Professor Russell Griggs, OBE, has recently published its report to the Scottish Government. The delivery of the Better Waste Regulation Action Programme will be designed to embrace and act upon the recommendations in that report.

Head of SEPA’s waste policy unit, Kenny Boag said:,

“Our programme has been jointly developed with the Scottish Government to improve the system for controls on waste. It is intended to deliver a high quality modern and effective approach to regulation, reduce waste production, protect the environment from the impacts of waste production and promote safe reuse and recycling of waste. Key to delivery this is a strong customer focus and we hope to continue the constructive discussions that have already taken place throughout the development of the programme.

“There is currently a national emphasis on delivering a more coordinated and stakeholder driven approach in determining regulatory practices that contribute to a successful economy for Scotland. The publication of this programme is very much in keeping with this drive and will promote a safe and inclusive society with a healthy and productive environment.”

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