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Between Paint and Metal - the Search Continues!


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We grow, we prosper and we recruit.

This time we are looking for an industrial mechanic (m/f) and a painter (m/f)
Sounds interesting? Then read on and we will convince you of the quality of our job offers!

Industrial Mechanic / Fitter (M/F)
Grab the chance and get stuck in. You can wash your hands later!
As an industrial mechanic, you should not only have basic knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics and control technology, but also be able to meet the high physical and mental demands of this work. Craftsmanship in welding, turning, milling, filing and forming are no obstacle for you. A high level of self-motivation and the ability to think logically are skills that are essential in our daily work. As we work all over the world and as a flexible and a cooperative employee, you will also be welcome on our national and international assembly operations. Click here for the complete job ad

Painter (M/F)
Everything looks better when it´s painted!
We also need someone who sees this in the same way and who already has experience in industrial painting. Since most of the components making up our range of small machines and large recycling plants require to be painted, you should not be afraid of dealing with cranes, and need to be resilient and have a high degree of operational readiness. And of course, you need to be proficient in dealing with paints, coatings, basic raw materials and technical guidelines. Click here for the complete job ad

And what is in it for you?
We offer a performance-based compensation and special payments such as holiday and Christmas bonuses. You will work in a pleasant working environment, receive support in your professional development and enjoy a secure job in a successful medium-sized company.

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