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Beware of Mold and Other Hazards Following a Water Incursion or Flood


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MMR mold stain remover, from, provides solutions for water damaged properties.

Frankfort, IL, January 7th, 2013 -- Most properties will at one time or another experience some form of water damage.  This damage could be due to heavy rains, broken pipes and plumbing, or from flood waters.  Water damage in a structure can result in damaged equipment, personal belongings and structural damage.  A water incursion can even create an indoor environment that could be hazardous to building occupants and restoration workers. 


Depending on the water source, it may contain bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals and even protozoa.    Even water damage due to clean water, known as Category 1 Water, can result in mold growth in as short as 24 hours. Category 2 Water, also known as Grey Water, typically contains a significant amount of biological or physical contaminants that can cause sickness when humans are exposed or if it is accidently consumed.  Category 2 Water that is not promptly removed or has remained stagnant for 48–72 hours may at times be re-classified as Category 3 Water.    Category 3 Water, also known as Black Water, is grossly contaminated. It may contain harmful pathogens, microbes, and chemicals that could cause illness.


“Two of our products in high demand following a water damaging event are MMR mold stain remover and Shockwave disinfectant,” reported Chris Heller with    “They are popular with property owners, mold remediators and restoration contractors due to their individual attributes as disinfectants and stain removers, respectively.” 


To demonstrate how effective MMR is at removing mold and mildew stains, an online video showing the product being used can be seen at:


To learn more about MMR mold stain remover, Shockwave and the tools and PPE that can help to safely eliminate mold problems, please visit, email or call 708-441-7982.


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Mold Solutions, owner of, is a Frankfort, IL, based company.  They manufacture MMR mold stain remover, the world’s premier mold stain remover.  MMR is a commercial grade mold and mildew stain remover formulated to immediately eliminate mold and mildew stains present on wood and other hard surfaces. MMR penetrates soiled areas almost instantly, leaving surfaces clean and free from mold stains. The biodegradable product is manufactured weekly in theUnited Statesand shipped on demand to contractors, home owners, and building occupants.  Through, Mold Solutions distributes MMR, personal protective equipment, spray equipment and other mold remediation products. 

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