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Environmental technologies: BIBUS rounds up their Product Portfolio
One-Stop-Warehouse for your Environmental product needs!
The BIBUS group with more than 20 subsidiaries and partners worldwide has enlarged their product portfolio for Environmental technologies and Waste Water Treatment Industries.

BIBUS started more than 10 years ago as an exclusive partner and distributor of SECOH air pumps.

These diaphragm blowers are ideally suited for applications, where minimum energy consumption, delivery of absolutely oil-free air, near silent operation and a minimum of simple maintenance are requested.

Meanwhile BIBUS is offering complementary products like air diffusers, submersible pumps and side channel blowers at very attractive conditions.

Basically it’s always the same, already very often proven partnership between BIBUS and their suppliers: In a very close cooperation were and still will be very special products developed, which are 100% corresponding to the concrete needs of the market. With the huge warehouse in Germany BIBUS guarantees optimal availabilities and short delivery terms for all our products!

Customers can choose between tube and disc diffusers of different dimensions and materials.

BIBUS is also offering all kind of submersible pumps to their customers, starting with simple plastic models for garden and fish ponds, waste water pumps, sludge pumps up to heavy 4-pole motor industrial pumps for construction industries or large waste water systems.

And if the SECOH blowers cannot be used because of the bigger dimensions of the waste water tanks, BIBUS customers will find a wide range of very reliable high quality side channel blowers.

Because of the very close relationship between BIBUS and their suppliers in Asia we guarantee high quality at very attractive conditions! And all main products can be shipped at the same day from the BIBUS warehouse in Germany!

These achievements enable BIBUS to position themselves as the real One-Stop-Warehouse for all Environmental customers!

You will save time, costs and nerves, because of calling three, four or five different suppliers you have from now onwards only one single point of contact, who will serve all your needs!

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