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Big players join up to `recycle on the go` initiative


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Tesco, Nestle Waters and GlaxoSmithKline have all pledged their support for a new global ‘recycle on the go’ forum to encourage the public to increase their recycling in public spaces.

Set up by plastic recycling organisation Recoup, the forum is designed so that stakeholders can share knowledge on recycle on the go systems and develop these systems further. The forum does not just focus on plastic recycling but also, initially, on paper, cans and glass.

Recoup is now calling on more organisations to sign up to the partnership. Its corporate development manager Michele Matthews said: “Valuable and exciting ‘recycle on the go’ initiatives are taking place across the globe. By sharing information and experiences we can work together to move forward this key opportunity, to maximise the capture of materials in public space areas and increase the recovery and recycling of these valuable resources.”

Recoup believes a consistent recycling message, such as through branding, to encourage people to recycle when they are out and about is key to increasing participation in the scheme.

The first meeting between stakeholders is scheduled for May.

Big players join up to `recycle on the go` initiative

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