`Big Tick` for London on tap

Thames Water's London On Tap campaign, which promotes tap water across the capital, was this week awarded a 'Big Tick' from Business in the Community, the UK's most influential, independent, peer-assessed corporate responsibility awards.

The  Proctor & Gamble 'Big Tick' for Responsible Marketing was presented at the London Excellence Awards in Whitechapel. It was awarded to Thames Water for  the  campaign's  positive  impact  on  the  community, environment and marketplace and follows the company's recent success in the Business in The Community  Corporate  Responsibility  Index,  climbing  from silver to gold status in just one year.

The award also comes ahead of the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI)'s annual report, which is expected to rate Thames tap water at 99.99% complaint with stringent National and European standards.

As  a 'Big Tick' winner, London On Tap has been shortlisted for the Proctor & Gamble  Responsible  Marketing  and  Innovation  National  Example  of Excellence Award, where it will compete with Cadbury Plc, Camelot Group Plc and  Co-Operative Financial Services. The Prince of Wales will announce the winner on 6th July.

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