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BigBelly and Water Wheel to Clean Baltimore`s Inner Harbor


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BALTIMORE, Maryland (ENS) - The Baltimore City Board of Estimates has conditionally approved funding for new garbage and debris collection technology which promises to improve sanitation in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

'I am very excited that Baltimore is going to benefit from the Water Wheel and BigBelly,' said Mayor Sheila Dixon. 'Millions of people visit the Inner Harbor every year, and it is Baltimore's showcase attraction. They will see Baltimore as innovative, resourceful, and - most importantly - clean!'

The new solar-powered BigBelly Compactors, produced by the Seahorse Power Company of Needham, Massachusetts, will be installed throughout the Inner Harbor promenade.

When full, the cordless 42 gallon bins automatically compact trash to one-eighth its original volume. The self-contained units will reduce odors and overflow from trash in high-traffic volume areas, Mayor Dixon said.

A $375,000 Water Wheel, designed by Clearwater Mills, LLC, uses a centuries-old technology to remove floating trash and debris from the water in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

John Kellett, the company's managing agent who is also the director of the Baltimore Maritime Museum, invented the Water Wheel system and said he hopes to have it in place this year.

The city will place the trash interceptor device at the mouth of the Jones Falls, where it will operate continuously unattended - even when the water level is low.

The interceptor will automatically collect garbage caught in the city's stormwater system after rain. Now, the city blocks garbage flowing down the stream into the harbor with a series of floating traps, or booms.

'Baltimore is demonstrating its commitment to clean and green technology,' said Mayor Dixon.

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