Bigger is Better – UK’s Largest Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Water Tank



We pride ourselves as a forward-thinking company and our products are both innovative and hard-wearing. This month we launch the UK’s largest rotationally-moulded polyethylene water tank, enabling farmers to store up to 30,000 litres or water in optimum conditions.

The water tanks are made using one piece of rotationally-moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene. The result is a very hard-wearing tank and is even backed by a 10 year warranty. Following the recent Defra and Environment Agency water consultation, the tanks help farmers to take control of their own water supplies, especially as these tanks are ideal rainwater tanks.

The tanks are also suitable for usage as a liquid fertiliser tank, providing bulk-buy and mixing time savings. They can also be applied to a number of industrial storage and waste-water management applications.

For more information on our 30,000 litre water tanks and our broader range of vertical storage tanks, rainwater tanks, cone bottom tanks, horizontal tanks and sprayers, please get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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