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Biggest ever ultrafiltration module


French ultrafiltration specialist Polymem has developed what it says is the biggest and most compact ultrafiltration module.

The Gigamem UF240 from Polymem has a 515 m² filtration surface and is composed of a 610mm diameter vessel, made of composite and titanium for seawater and stainless steel for other applications. It incorporates 49 membrane bundles. Raw water enters the central distribution tube (upper side) of the UF240 module and UF water comes from the 49 bundles superior faces (upper side).

Each UF240 module has its own supporting feet and is directly connected on its top to the headers and the module vessel does not have to be dismantled once mounted on skid, only bundles are assembled/disassembled on site. Each membrane bundle can be individually dismantled from the plate and replaced.

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