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Bin collections during freezing weather - LGA response


Source: Local Government Association

Responding to reports about problems with council rubbish collections during the current severe weather, Cllr Gary Porter, Chairman of the LGA Environment Board, said:

“Councils have been collecting residents’ bins as normal, wherever possible, but the public’s safety always comes first. Sending a 26 tonne dustcart down an icy residential street packed with cars and pedestrians is extremely dangerous.

“Where collections have been missed, they will be made up at the earliest possible opportunity, for example at weekends. If people think that binmen have been sitting twiddling their thumbs instead of picking up rubbish, they are sorely mistaken. Council staff across the country have been working night and day to clear roads and keep people safe.

“In some areas, collections of regular household waste will be prioritised over the collection of recycling, which does not rot. When outside temperatures are colder than a domestic freezer, there is absolutely no risk to public health by rubbish being left out for a short while longer than normal.”

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