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Bin Compactor installation shows 50% cost savings


Source: Jarshire Ltd

Evidence of the cost-saving and efficiency benefits to be derived from a Jarshire Bin Compactor is shown by an installation at one of Pitlochry’s biggest and busiest eating-places.

Victoria’s Restaurant is an independent, 130-seat, freehold, family-run restaurant in the seasonal town of Pitlochry, Scotland. Located in the main street, it is particularly busy through the period from Easter to the end of October when the huge volume of people being served inevitably creates a large volume of waste.

During the busy season, up to eight filled bins would be awaiting the three times per week collection. With the introduction of the compactor into the system, the number of bins to be collected is now down to just two or three and, as the restaurant pays for the number of bins collected, the saving in costs was immediate.

Commenting, owner Angus MacLellan said: “I can say that the compactor has saved at least 50% on waste disposal costs and has been a good investment”.

Designated the MT 360, the compactor is an easily handled press designed for 360-litre bins. Waste is compacted directly into bins reducing volume by up to 75%. With a footprint of only 700 mm wide by 1030 mm deep, the space requirement is minimal.

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