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Bin sensor technology revolutionises waste collection


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A new bin sensor could reduce commercial waste collection costs by up to 55%, the company behind the technology claims.

The SmartBin sensors are installed in the roof of commercial recycling bins and relay capacity data to a live map, which can be viewed from the SmartBin site.

By being able to view how full each bin on a recycling route is, SmartBin believes waste management companies can make their collection procedures more efficient by only visiting those centres in need of emptying; while avoiding collecting empty or overfull bins.

SmartBin chief operating officer Seamus Devitt said: “Ours is the only system that does the job effectively.

“It means you can put in place a collection regime where you empty bins only when they’re full or nearly full.

“It can create savings of between 45-55% depending on the type of industry and the existing collection regime.”

The new technology could replace current methods of checking when bins are full. Such methods currently rely on trends to predict when bins are in need of emptying, or historical data from previous waste collection regimes.

SmartBin has received interest in the technology from multiple quarters, including collectors, councils and bin manufacturers themselves, who are looking to incorporate the new technology into new recycling bin designs.

Bin sensor technology revolutionises waste collection

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