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Binder+Co awarded the 2011 National Prize for Work Safety


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Gleisdorf -- Following last year’s National Prize for Innovation, the Styria-based mechanical engineering company Binder+Co has now received another important Austrian award in the shape of the 2011 National Prize for Work Safety.

The Austrian National Prize for Work Safety is awarded biannually to companies that raise health and safety standards in the workplace beyond statutory requirements by means of innovative, in-house projects.

During a festive ceremony held on June 21, the Austrian Federal Minister for Social Affairs, Rudolf Hundstorfer, presented this year’s National Prizes for Work Safety. Apart from Binder+Co, Baxter, Cemex and Artbau Zagler also received awards. A jury composed of representatives of the social partnership, accident insurance funds, the scientific world and the health and safety inspectorate undertook the evaluation of the projects submitted.

As Minister Hundstorfer underlined in his opening address, it is of vital importance that the physical damage caused to employees due to industrial accidents or the incorrect use of equipment be further reduced. This should not merely result in increased working process productivity, but first and foremost, prevent the frequently catastrophic human and social consequences of a working accident for the affected employee.  

The Binder+Co project stood out due to the fact that it related to apprentice training and was therefore targeted on the improved safety of young employees in connection with tools and equipment. In cooperation with experts from the health and safety inspectorate, the AUVA and the district administrative authority, Binder+Co developed various stickers for the marking of tools. These stickers can be simply applied and allow the apprentices and their trainers to quickly and easily recognize, whether or not they should use a particular device. The system is also to be introduced at other companies across the country with immediate effect.  

The prize was received by the project initiator and Binder+Co AG production manager, Bruno Egger, who himself commenced his career at Binder+Co as an apprentice.

To celebrate the prize award and as a small gesture of appreciation for this outstanding initiative, the Binder+Co Board invited the entire workforce to a small, in-company festivity. Moreover, as is almost traditional, the prizewinner, Bruno Egger, helped the Board members to serve snacks and beverages. 

The Binder+Co Group
Binder+Co AG is a specialist in the field of processing, environmental and packaging technology and the world market leader in the screening and glass recycling segments. The company was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange at the end of 2006 and is now part of the third market in the mid market segment. In 2010, Binder+Co was honoured with the Austrian National Innovation Prize for its development of the world’s first industrially mature system for the sorting of heat-resistant special glass from cullet.

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