Binder+Co has established the unique 3-way system CLARITY


Source: Binder Co

Binder+Co has established the unique 3-way system CLARITY as a byword for excellent technology in waste-glass processing on the international market. Apart from a reliable sorting of contaminants such as ceramics, stone and porcelain, the task is a high-quality separation of individual colours with as little glass loss as possible.

Unthinkable 10 years ago, today the sorting of heat resistant special glass for glass recycling is indispensable. Due to its higher melting point, special glasses do not fully dissolve in the glass smelt and therefore cause production breakdowns and in a worst case scenario - failure of the glass smelting oven.

The new generation of CLARITY is equipped with UV-sensors and cameras to overview ultra-violet and visible light frequency. The system makes use of the so-called 'cut-off effect'. Heat-resistant special glass and glass ceramics absorb ultra-violet light of ceratin different wave lengths. In this way they can be clearly differentiated from normal glass.

With this development step, Binder+Co has once more confirmed its position as an international technology leader.

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