Bio-reaction industries recognized as leader in technology


Portland, OR – Bio-Reaction Industries, LLC (BRI) received the Gold medal in Business Achievement for Technology and Special Services by the Environmental Business Journal for 2008. This award comes as a great honor and confirms Bio-Reactions progression as a worldwide leader of bio-oxidation technology.

Bio Reaction Industries realized amazing growth in 2008, increasing revenue by 300% for the second year in a row. BRI also continued its global expansion and formed a partnership with Beijing Victex Environmental Science and Technology Development Company to deliver BRI’s patented air pollution control systems throughout China.

BRI also welcomed the addition of David Skiven, former Executive Director of the Worldwide Facilities Group at General Motors, to our Board of Directors. During his tenure at GM, Skiven was responsible for energy and environmental innovations, making his selection to join BRI’s Board a logical step.

Contributing to our success, BRI’s technology has continued to expand within the automotive, wood products, paint application, chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries. Replacing their thermal oxidizers with bio-oxidation systems companies have eliminated their dependency on natural gas, lowering operating costs by up to 90%. Not combusting this natural gas to burn up pollution emissions equates to a cumulative reduction of 72,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions for all of Bio-Reaction’s customers to date.

“We are pleased to be recognized by the Environmental Business Journal for this award. It really shows the commitment our industrial customers are making to address energy usage and climate change. Our evolutionary, patented technology is just another example of new technologies meeting the needs of the business environment of the future,” said Karl Mundorff, President and CEO of BioReaction Industries.

About Bio-Reaction Industries

Bio-Reaction Industries, LLC (BRI) pioneered a new generation of low energy, environmentally friendly air pollution control systems that utilize microbes to digest industrial pollutants and odors. Based in Tualatin, Oregon, BRI’s advanced bio-oxidation systems cost dramatically less than thermal oxidizers to operate, do not produce additional greenhouse gases (such as CO2, NOx, SOx) and deliver the highest removal efficiency of any air phase bio technology in the world.

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