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Source: BioCycle Magazine

Shredder-Grinder Combo

Doppstadt DZ 750 Kombi

The Doppstadt DZ 750 Kombi combines the power of a slow-speed shredder and the precision of a high-speed grinder on a single chassis. In one pass, the shredder-grinder processes heavily contaminated source material and produces high quality finished product. The Kombi contains a primary, heavy-duty ceramic magnet before the high-speed grinder, and a secondary neodymium magnet on the final discharge belt. The final sizing screen can be changed for precise control over final product.

Modular, On-Demand Biogas Generator

Duryea Technologies

Duryea Technologies’ MODE (Modular On-Demand Energy) Power System

Duryea Technologies, a motor and engine manufacturer, introduced the MODE (Modular On-Demand Energy) Power System, a generator set designed to handle the “inherent liabilities of biogas.” For example, it includes a separate lubrication system, sealed from acidic combustion gases, which will eliminate frequent oil changes and reduce the rate at which parts wear. The smallest installation size is 16kW and requires 8,000 ft3/day of biogas, typically produced by a herd size of 100 cows. By adding modules, a system is scalable into the megawatts, but Duryea Technologies fields the most inquiries from dairy farms with 400 to 800 cows that require 60 to 200kW.  Incorporation of the Duryea brushless generators enables the DC output to be fed directly into a standard inverter, simplifying interconnection and freeing the engine from the task of grid synchronization so it can operate at a speed optimized for fuel efficiency and durability.

Green Waste Grinder

The CBI Magnum Force 6800BT horizontal grinder has been specifically designed for land clearing companies and yard trimmings processors who demand high-volume throughput. The unit is capable of processing land clearing debris, pallets, clean industrial waste, stumps and logs as quickly as it can be loaded and is well suited to produce highly marketable mulch through its regrinding capability. The CBI 5800BT portable horizontal grinder was developed to feature the same principles, but is purpose-built for contractors dealing with lower production needs or transportation restrictions.

Organics Collection Containers

Toter has added 2-gallon and 13-gallon organics containers to its offerings for haulers and municipalities. The 13-gallon organics cart features large handles at a “comfortable, ergonomic height” and heavy-duty wheels. It is engineered with a latch for added security and an optional animal lock. Both containers are available in a variety of custom colors, lids (solid, vented and lid hole), and logo options.

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