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Environment News Service (ENS)

Biodiversity crucial to climate decision makers concludes survey


Source: Environment News Service (ENS)

The protection of Earth's diverse forms of life is more important to climate decision makers than cost effectiveness, according to a unique new survey of 1,000 climate senior government officials and scientists, business and civil society leaders from 105 countries. The study's findings were released Monday at the annual United Nations climate conference now underway in Bali.

Unlike public opinion polls, the survey focuses on the views of professionals in a position to make or influence large decisions in their organizations and society.

Conducted by GlobeScan, the World Conservation Union, IUCN and the World Bank in the two weeks leading up to the Bali climate conference, the survey found that while most decision makers rate climate change as a key factor influencing their professional activities, only 27 percent think a post-Kyoto agreement by 2009 is likely or very likely.

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