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Biogas installation and Water purification installation (Pizzoli, Italy)


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After a promising feasibility study in 2005, to the possibilities/benefits of Green Energy production from potato waste and the processing of waste water from the Italian potato product company Pizzoli S.P.a, the preparations to build a biogasplant have already been started. Colsen International b.v. has been granted the assignment of designing and engineering a digesting installation and water purification unit. Besides the technical and technological design of the plant, Colsen International b.v. supports and advises Pizzoli S.P.a in the tender during construction. Colsen International b.v. will also train employees and help them take care of the installations during the start up period.

The biogas installation will process the released waste water and also all rest flows of the factory. The rest products will be converted in a digester, developed by Colsen. The produced biogas is used in biogas engines. The digestate from the digesting installation will be processed in the water purification unit, together with the waste water.

The waste water from the water purification unit will subsequently be purified to water, which is of such a quality that it is suitable for reuse in the production process. Because of this, Pizzoli S.P.a. will be able to reduce their water intake. The rest of the waste water will be purified until it can be discharged.

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