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Biogenie Expands the First Biocentre in Ile-De-France

CERGY, March 10, 2003 - BIOGENIE, which is specialized in the remediation of contaminated sites, recently expanded its contaminated soil treatment centre, called the Biocentre, located in Essonne (91). This project was carried out due to the increasing demand for off-site treatment of contaminated soil.

The Success of the BIOCENTRE

“The success of the Biocentre is directly related to the real estate market boom in the region of Paris. Within a real estate project, when the excavation work reveals contaminated soil, real estate developers mainly seek a rapid off-site treatment and disposal solution in order to avoid a delay in construction work. In addition to being rapid, this solution must also be safe as well as cost-efficient. This is exactly what our Biocentre solution offers real estate developers and construction contractors: a quick, cost-efficient and permanent solution for any volume of contaminated soil be it large or small. The contaminated soil is quickly transported to our authorized facility to undergo treatment which permanently destroys the contaminants. This is what we call a good product at the right time and for the right price”, stated Biogenie’s president, Mr. Benoit Cyr.

The Biocentre, operated by Biogenie, was the first to be established in the Île-de-France region, a few kilometres away from the heart of Paris. Since its inauguration in 1999, it has been highly successful. We may recall that last October, the Quebec chapter of the French Chamber of Commerce in Canada, acknowledged this success by awarding the Quebec-France Award for Business Excellence to Biogenie and its local partner, SEMARDEL. The volume of soil treated at the Biocentre justified the recently completed expansion, increasing the centre’s area from 10,000 m2 to 40,000 m2 and enhancing its storage capacity to 90,000 tons of contaminated soil.

At the onset of the design stage, one of the objectives was to minimize the Biocentre’s environmental and visual impact. The environmental impact is minimized by our compliance to strict environmental protection measures, including the construction of ultra-tight treatment areas, the integrated management of process and surface water and the biological treatment of gaseous effluents. As for the visual impact, it was minimized by adding landscaping elements, including the construction of barricades and the planting of shrubs, as well as burying most of the infrastructures

Numerous Contracts:

Since its inauguration in 1999, approximately 200,000 tons of contaminated soil has been treated at the Biocentre from a number of various projects including the remediation of petroleum depots, service stations, brownfields, real estate development projects, former coke plants… Our Biocentre accepts volumes that range from a few tens of tons to several thousands of tons.

Biogenie’s president, Mr. Benoit Cyr, is very optimistic about Biogénie’s future in France: “Since we are already well positioned in the French remediation market, our Biocentre investment, combined with our commitment for providing our clientele with high-quality service, makes for a promising future.'

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