Biogenie Inaugurates a Soil Treatment Facility in Yellowknife


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Yellowknife, October 11, 2006 – Biogenie, a company which is specialized in the remediation of contaminated sites, recently inaugurated a contaminated Soil Treatment Facility (STF) on the premises of Yellowknife’s municipal landfill site. Built under a partnership approach with the City of Yellowknife, the STF will improve the contaminated soil management practices at the landfill site while providing a proven, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable treatment solution, mainly for petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil.

Biogenie president Benoit Cyr stated: “As we seek to continuously expand our network of soil treatment facilities, we are delighted by the inauguration of this facility, our first in northwestern Canada, and are honoured by the confidence demonstrated by the City of Yellowknife”. For Biogenie’s Northern Canada general manager, Yvan Pouliot, “this STF shows our commitment to serving our clients in the Northwest Territories. The facility is up and running and any volume of contaminated soil, be it large or small, is accepted all year round”. As the facility hosts a lagoon, it is also permitted to accept and treat contaminated water or snow.

“We are extremely pleased in developing this working partnership with Biogenie, which provides the City of Yellowknife with a long term solution for properly handling and treating hydrocarbon contaminated soils. An interesting feature of the STF is that the biological treatment process permanently destroys the contaminants. Thus, we are able to benefit from the use of the processed soil as cover material in our landfill. In the end, this solution makes sense both from economic and environmental perspectives”, stated Mr. Dennis Kefalas, Manager, Public Works and Engineering, City of Yellowknife.

Biological treatment: an enhanced natural process Once deposited on the impermeable treatment pad, the soil is remediated, within a 2 to 3 month period, by means of a biological treatment process called the ex situ Biopile. Biological treatment consists of creating the most favourable conditions for the rapid growth of specific micro-organisms naturally present in soil or groundwater that have the ability to degrade organic contaminants. In the pile of soil, or Biopile, optimum conditions for the biodegradation process are created by controlling various parameters including: oxygen level, nutrient concentrations, moisture content, pH level, temperature, etc. Through constant R&D efforts, Biogenie has developed world-class biological treatment know-how and capabilities.

Biogenie: Experts in Soil Treatment Facility Operations In addition to its new facility in Yellowknife, Biogenie currently operates eight other treatment facilities — six in Canada, one in France and one in the United Kingdom. Since 1993, Biogenie has successfully remediated over 2.5 million tons of contaminated soil using its biological treatment process in its off-site treatment facilities. Contaminants include a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants.

Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc. Biogenie is a Quebec-based international environmental firm which provides both on-site and off-site remediation solutions. Biogenie serves public and private clients including government as well as major petroleum, industrial, real estate and utility companies throughout North America and Western Europe. Biogenie’s distinctiveness lies in its world-class bioremediation know-how and its ability to carry out large and challenging projects at a fixed price. In addition to its headquarters and office located in Quebec City, Biogenie has offices in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Paris and London, as well as seasonal offices in Yellowknife and Iqaluit. Consolidated sales figure for the most recent fiscal year was $50 million.

In 2005, Biogenie received a national Health & Safety award from Imperial Oil Canada, recognizing its management and employee efforts in pursuing the objective “Nobody gets hurt”. In 2004 Biogenie was the proud recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Environment and Energy category. In addition to this provincial recognition, Biogenie also received, at the national level, a Special Citation from Ernst & Young in the Environmental Knowledge Commercialization category.

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