Biological Wash Water Treatment for the Golf Industry


Source: ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. manufactures a full array of Wash Water Treatment and Chemical Mix/Load Equipment to meet the Golf Industry best practices. Our Biological Wash Water Treatment System treats the waste water generated from washing off fairway mowers, green mowers, utility equipment, etc.

Here’s how it works:

The High Flow adjustable nozzles allow the operators to get into the tough to reach undercarriage and mower decks to properly clean the debris. The water and debris can then flow into a specially designed In-Ground Sump Pit with sump pump that lifts above ground through an ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Grass Clipping Separator System. The heavy debris (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) are filtered out and slide into an ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Clipping Separator for disposal at a later time. The remaining wash water and fine solids then travels into an Above Ground Solid Separator where additional settling can take place. The wash water then flows into the Biological Wash Water Treatment system where the system can biologically remove or neutralize the contaminants so the grey water is safe to recycle. Ask a qualified ESD Waste2Water Manager to assist in designing an Environmental Center including a chemical storage building to centrally locate all of the facility contaminates into a designated area for fuel, wash rack and chemical storage mix/load.

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