Biomedical Waste Situation in Istanbul

In developing countries, solid waste has not been considered sufficiently important to be of concern. In many countries hazardous and medical wastes are still handled and disposed of together with domestic waste, thus creating a significant health risk to workers, the public and the environment. In Brazil for instance, it has been estimated by the Brazilian Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Association that 76% of towns dispose of domestic and medical waste together in municipal landfills. In this study, we investigated total medical waste volume for various medical organisations in Istanbul.   

Total medical waste in hospitals was measured by ISTAC A.S. and estimated to be 7,164 tonnes for medical facilities with 20 or more beds for 2003. A total of 178 healthcare facilities, including 124 government (university and military) hospitals and 54 private hospitals were surveyed. These 178 healthcare facilities have a total capacity of 33,549 beds, hence the waste produced is approximately 0.585 kg per bed per day.

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