Bion Environmental Discusses Livestock Waste Pollution & Remediation at FSX Investment Conference


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(PRWEB) December 10, 2012 -- During the FSX Investment Conference held from October 25-27 in Phoenix, Arizona, Craig Scott, CEO of Bion Environmental granted an exclusive interview available only on FSX Interlinked’s Web Channel, an on demand Video Channel dedicated to giving the public a glimpse into tomorrow’s big companies today.

During this exclusive interview that can be watched at Scott expanded on the livestock waste problem in the US. “You got 9 million dairy cows in this country, you got about a hundred million beef cattle and calves, about 60 million swine and about 2 billion chickens and turkeys,” says Scott “and they create far more organic waste than the humans in the United States. In the US we spend about $60 billion a year cleaning up our human waste and we spend essentially no money cleaning up that larger source.” He states the issue has been ignored so far but that at this point the US EPA has recognized the scope of the problem and is now working on incentivizing the agricultural industry to address the issue and save money for tax payers. He adds that Bion has taken the best aspects of municipal waste water treatment and scaled it down to a very specific application of treating the livestock waste stream at its source. Scott indicates this biological treatment system allows Bion to clean the problem up at the source instead of having to have a municipal waste water treatment plant make up for those reductions downstream at a much higher cost.

Bion Environmental Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable environmental and business solutions to the livestock industry and investment returns to its shareholders. Bion has spent 20 years and $50 million developing a comprehensive solution to the environmental problems associated with large-scale livestock production: excess nutrients - nitrogen and phosphorus; ammonia, greenhouse and other gases; odors; pathogens; and residual antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and herbicides.

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Bion's patented and proven technology platform largely eliminates the air and water pollution associated with livestock waste and simultaneously recovers significantly more renewable energy from the waste biomass than other technologies that seek to exploit this energy source. It is the ONLY technology that provides a comprehensive solution to the environmental impacts of livestock waste; it is now gaining acceptance by the US EPA and state regulatory agencies as an effective solution to one of the greatest and most immediate environmental problems in the US and world today. For more information visit

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