Bionomic Industries Completes Successful Start-Up of Hydrochloric


Source: Bionomic Industries Inc.

Acid Scrubber at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Pickling Facility

Bionomic Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of scrubbing equipment and ìprepackagedî scrubber systems, has recently designed, manufactured, and installed a new pickle line wet scrubber system in Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporationís Allenport plant.

Designed to reduce emissions and improve product quality, the $1.2 million scrubber system was recently tested and achieved 99.98% efficiency in removal of the hydrochloric acid fumes that are generated from the plantís pickling process. The new system not only meets more stringent EPA regulations that go into effect in June 2001, but also provides a major improvement to product quality through elimination of the major cause of internal reject and customer claims-rust.

The system replaces one that was not able to fully vent hydrochloric fumes generated when steel coils pass through the pickling baths, resulting in formation of rust on the steel coils exposed to the remaining hydrochloric acid.

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