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Bioprocess Control expands into new sectors


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Bioprocess Control has come a long way since the company started 10 years ago. Dr. Jing Liu’s idea about developing an instrument that didn’t only save time, but also provided more data than ever before, resulted in the AMPTS which thereafter evolved into the AMPTS II.

 The AMPTS provided a welcomed solution to the time-consuming traditional methods of measuring BMP - now it could be done automatically, around the clock, with complete insight into the experiment via a web browser. The highly accurate data is easy to compare and the risk of human error had now been eliminated. Analysis and research within anaerobic digestion was taken to a new level.

With the success of the AMPTS II the company has established itself as a well-recognized niche player for both research and commercial applications in anaerobic digestion.

Today, the company has taken its instrumentation expertise for low gas flows and started to apply the technology to a much wider range of application fields. They have found the technology to be valuable for fields like animal feed, wastewater, greenhouse gas emission control, fermentation and nutrition, but anyone needing to measure low gas flows could benefit greatly from using the technology.

Bioprocess Controls co-founder and CEO describes the natural progression of the company:

“Smart instruments for smart people! Expanding our business from biogas to new sectors is a natural step in applying our core measurement technique, our competence of instrumentation development and knowledge of biotechnology towards specific analytical and instrument challenges in these new fields. We are very excited about not only being a niche player in the biogas sector, but also offering a solution and strong value proposition in these new sectors.”, says Dr. Jing Liu, CEO and co-founder of Bioprocess Control. 

The company will keep the products for the biogas business, but in order to match the demands in the new business sectors, the company has developed the Gas Endeavour. This instrument is developed to measure gas production for various in vitro analyses, fermentation and wastewater related applications, and whenever very low gas volume of any type of non-corrosive gas needs to be measured.

About Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden and technology and market leader in providing advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry. The company was founded in 2006, bringing to market more than 15 years of industry leading research in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes.

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