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Biorem Engineering and Syngulon sign a strategic partnership: the alliance of green chemistry and white biotechnology


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Biorem Engineering and Syngulon announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership for development of truly novel products and services combining their technologies and know-how in green chemistry and white biotechnology.

Liege, Belgium -- Biorem Engineering and Syngulon knew each other already; together, they largely contributed to the success of the International conferences “Green Chemistry” and “White Biotechnology”, organized in May 2014 by GreenWin, the pole of competitiveness of chemistry, materials and environmental technologies, of which Biorem Engineering and Syngulon are members.

Biorem Engineering, Sustainable Chemistry Solutions

Biorem Engineering (, operator for more than 20 years in the sector of the cleaning of the ground and groundwaters polluted by hydrocarbons, has developed a portfolio of patented technologies in the field of the green chemistry which is defined by the product design and processes of synthesis making it possible to reduce or to eliminate the use and the generation of dangerous substances or poisons for the environment and the human health.

Active from applied research until the industrial application, the business model of Biorem Engineering evolved in the course of time. Of a company of cleaning, Biorem Engineering became a developer of technologies, solutions and products “ready to uses” to put on the global market by licensing or joint-venture in partnership with strategic industrialists or investors.

Private actor familiar with the exercise of the technology innovation, Biorem Engineering is active in market segments with high added value like the depollution of the soil and groundwaters, the industrial processing waste as well as other applications in agriculture and in the pharmaceutical sector. Technologies Oxygel, Oxygel +, Dechlorem or Biocat made it possible for Biorem Engineering to successfully carry out important works of in-situ depollution of the soil, basement and groundwaters polluted by persistent organic compounds, in particular on behalf of Coca Cola, Solvay, AXA, Crédit Agricole, Ethias, GDF Suez.

The clean-up operation of the basins of the hydroelectric station of Coo (which was finished in 2014), for a budget of more than 20 million euros, is the most important work of in-situ depollution (Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB and mineral oils) ever carried out in Europe, as well in terms of technological performance as of treated volumes (179 000 tons of sediments polluted on a surface of 70 hectares). For recall, PCBs are persistent organic pollutants which organic accumulate in the living beings by causing cancer in particular and of the endocrinal disorders.

Syngulon, Microbial fermentation technologies for bio-based products

Syngulon ( is a start-up, founded in 2013, incubated by WSL (Walloon incubator for engineering sciences), which proposes to develop and to integrate the biology of synthesis (synthetic biology) in the activities of white biotechnology. White biotechnology gathers the industrial applications, by the use of biological systems like alternative to the classical chemical processes. The first uses are in the sectors of polymers, the fuels, the solvents, construction, the textile, and all the products made by chemistry.

Syngulon develops innovating technologies intended for the sector of white biotechnology. For its developments, Syngulon intends to have academic collaborations with local as well as European Universities. Besides Syngulon is part of a consortium financed by the EU (Horizon 2020) on the industrial applications of the microalgae. A first patent application covering a new technology for microbial control in industrial area was filed in the USA in August 2013 and worldwide in 2014. The business model of Syngulon is the licensing of technologies and the services to develop the activities of white biotechnology with its partners.

Common vision of the partners

The pooling of their respective competences will improve the industrial microbiological processes within the markets in which Biorem Engineering is already active. Thus, Biorem Engineering uses, for its BioCat technology, natural micro-organisms to produce nanostructured metal catalysts; until now, the company had not analyzed yet the technological potential which the genetics in its processes could bring to him. Syngulon thus brings its knowledge in genetics making it possible to improve the micro-organisms on the rational basis of synthetic biology.

The partnership comprises an important aspect for Business Development of both partners including the joint participation in meetings at international level to present technologies of the two partners. Biorem Engineering and Syngulon will take part, alongside of the GreenWin pole, to Americana, the International Environmental Technology Trade Show and Conference, which will take place in Montreal from March 17th to March 19th, 2015.

Biorem Engineering and Syngulon will work jointly in R&D programs.

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