Bioremediation in vadose zone

Source: EOS Remediation, LLC

EOS Remediation, LLC, a developer and manufacturer of advanced technologies for groundwater restoration, and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC announced that they have signed an Exclusive Patent License Agreement. This royalty-based agreement grants EOS Remediation an exclusive world-wide license to manufacture, use, and sell the technology known as VOS™, a “Thixotropic Gel for Vadose Zone Remediation,” developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory, which is operated for DOE by SRNS.

'This license agreement with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions enables us to expand our strong foundation of intellectual property,' said Gary Birk, Director of EOS Remediation. 'Working with the outstanding researchers at Savannah River National Laboratory will provide us more design freedom as we develop the next generation of bioremediation technologies and solutions to meet the demands of this ever-expanding environmental sector.'

Targeting the “vadose zone” during remediation traditionally has been considered difficult and Brian Riha at the Savannah River National Laboratory has developed VOS™ specifically for remediation of organic compounds in the vadose zone. VOS™ employs sustainable “green” chemistry and represents a significant advancement in the treatment of unsaturated soils. The unique thixotropic nature of this gel enables the formation of a stable oil/water suspension that remains in place after injection into the vadose zone. The built-in longevity in the soil allows moisture, nutrients and food in the formulation to become available to microbes and biotransform the contaminants previously considered untouchable. This has applications to a number of environmental problems. Initial results indicate that the VOS™ Technology can cost-effectively turn land once deemed unusable into productive real estate.

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