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Biotizer® Revolutionizes Grease Elimination Industry


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Sarasota, FL -- Biotize LLC announces the launch of the biotizer® dispenser, designed to help restaurants reduce the build-up of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in their drain lines. The company, located in Sarasota, FL developed and field tested hundreds of these dispensers over the past three years in restaurants in the US and throughout the world. The need for a biological alternative to mechanical removal of grease with an effective, reliable and affordable dispensing system drove the development of this patent pending, revolutionary new dispenser.

The biotizer® dispenses a biological based dosing material into drain lines every 37 minutes, 24/7, providing a blend of nutrient and naturally occurring bacteria whose favorite food is fats, oils and grease. The unit is specifically designed to maintain the 'count' of growing bacteria in the main drain line at a high level throughout the month, thereby preventing most grease related drain line blockages, backups and bad odors. The biological based dosing material used by the biotizer® has proven its effectiveness in consuming grease for over 20 years.

Service personnel have responded enthusiastically to the unit. Designed specifically for drain-line maintenance, the biotizer® requires no programming and it takes only a minute to perform the monthly service. If a dispenser should ever fails (unless subjected to abuse or misuse), Biotize LLC will repair or replace the unit free of charge.

One of Biotize LLCs' Plumbing Clients, The Drainage Solution Company, utilizes the Biotizer exclusively to the manage the drain lines at an entire airport in the northeast, multi-purpose commercial properties throughout the southeast as well as standalone restaurants. They state that they have taken these properties from multiple backups per week to no bad smells and only a few backups in over two years.

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