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Biotreatment of extremely saline effluents


Source: LEVAPOR GmbH, Biofilm Technologies

In laboratories of the University for Applied Sciences of Cologne under supervision and coordination of LEVAPOR GmbH, semi-continuous and continuous biotests, by specially adapted microorga- nisms, fixed on adsorbant, porous LEVAPOR carrier cubes, for COD-removal from extremely saline pharmaceutical effluents, polluted with 110 to 300 g/L COD and 100 to 130 g/L NaCl, have been carried out. After a preliminary adaptation phase,  the biofilm reactor, containing 15 vol.% of carrier cubes, has been fed continuously, removing daily 1,7 to 2,0 g COD /L reactor volume, confirming a high level of protection of fixed biomass against high osmotic pressure in the saline medium. Recently pilot scale tests in an aerobic reactor with 1350 L volume have been started with the aim, to confirm the feasibility of the process and to determine optimal process parameters for a full scale plant, enabling a high degree of COD- removal and reuse of highly saline water in the production process.

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