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Biowaste separation at Olympic Games in Beijing


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The conference centre at the Beijing Olympic Games will be equipped with a negative pressure transfer tube system for biowaste disposal developed by Puzair.

In the system, biowaste travels from the conference centre’s 29 waste-collection points to a centralized waste-collection site. The total length of the network is 1.7 km. Thanks to Puzair's technology, biowaste can be separated from other waste, composted and re-used, according to the sustainable development programme of the Beijing Olympics.

During the event, the waste containers will be emptied frequently, as often as once a day. The capacity of the equipment is seven tonnes of biowaste per day.

The Olympic project constitutes a significant reference in China for the Finnish company. Managing director of Puzair, Pertti Värtö says the company is currently negotiating further deliveries of waste management solutions for the Beijing Games.

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