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Biowater Partners With Parkson To Bring Advanced Fixed-Film Technologies to North America


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Parkson Biowater Fixed Film

July 19, 2011 -- Cumberland, RI: Biowater Technology and Parkson Corporation today announced a partnership that expands Parkson’s portfolio of biological treatment solutions for wastewater treatment operators in North America. The agreement gives Parkson exclusive distribution rights for Biowater’s existing and future fixed-film technologies. This agreement enhances Parkson’s ability to meet the needs of municipal and industrial clients who are seeking to minimize energy costs and to satisfy rigid environmental standards.

“We are excited to partner with Biowater to provide low-cost, energy-efficient technology that is also scalable and easy to maintain,” said Zain Mahmood, President and Chief Executive Officer of Parkson. “MBBR technology has one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to alternative biological processes. This agreement with Biowater fits well with Parkson’s goal to be the most energy efficient water and wastewater treatment technology company in the world.”

 Based on advances made in Norway more than 20 years ago, Biowater has further developed biological systems - using fixed film technology such as MBBR and IFAS solutions. These systems utilize plastic biomedia carriers to provide a protected environment for large quantities of biomass resulting in significant treatment capacity with a small footprint – operators can choose between film alone (MBBR) or in conjunction with suspended growth (IFAS). Also, MBBR systems retain the majority of biomass in the treatment basins, significantly reducing the load on final clarifiers. Over the last years, Biowater has also developed the next generation of biofilm technology. It requires 30 – 40% less energy and further reduces the load on final clarifiers compared to today’s biofilm technologies.

 “The agreement and close cooperation with Parkson gives Biowater a unique opportunity to reach the North American municipal market through a well-established and professional organization,” says Terje Andersen, CEO of Biowater Technology. “Biowater’s innovative solutions fit well with Parkson’s current product offerings, and our companies have a shared goal of maximizing water reuse and energy savings, while minimizing costs.”

Biowater also has developed a complete package system that can be installed for wastewater treatment applications. Packed into a shipping container, these systems can be transported around the world and set up to process wastewater and release clean, safe effluent into the environment. Parkson already has experience with this technology, with more than 60 MBBR packaged plants built to serve its customers in the oil and gas industry. The new agreement, however, enables Parkson to harness Biowater’s decades of expertise with MBBR systems for municipal customers in the U.S. and Canada.

 Biowater’s MBBR systems will complement Parkson’s existing line of biological products, including Biolac® and HiOx® aeration systems for activated sludge applications.

About Biowater Technology  Biowater Technology is an international provider of biological water and wastewater treatment systems.  Our products include:  MBBR, IFAS, Package Systems and a new generation of MBBR-CFIC® Our employees offer over 40 years’ experience in the water and wastewater industry.  The company focus is on the development and sales of innovative technologies and solutions for both industrial and municipal markets.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and knowledge of biological fixed film design.  For more information contact Jill Bibby Hairabet at or by phone at +1 401-305-3622

About Parkson Corporation  With 25,000 installations in its 50 years of existence, Parkson Corporation is a leading provider of advanced solutions in water recycling and treatment and is committed to providing clean water for the world. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with offices in Chicago, Montreal, Dubai and partners in Latin America and India, Parkson is an Axel Johnson Inc. company. To learn more, visit


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    To Biwater Greetings, A- What is the size of BioCom (dia. of aeration tank: dia of inner Clarifier) (compact circular extended adraetion wastewater Treatment plant incorporating anoxic zone) for the following treatment plants? Plant 1 Influent Qavg. 1000 m3/day BOD 410 mg/l TSS 500 mg/l TN 75 mg/l TP 12 mg/l Plant 2 Influent Qavg. 2500 m3/day BOD 410 mg/l TSS 500 mg/l TN 75 mg/l TP 12 mg/l B- Would you please provide me with more details concerning MBBR and IFAS technologies and their advantages compared with other processes? C- What is the most approperiate cost effective process that can be implemented for 400,000 m3/day average capacity(DWF) WWTP for combined sewage and storm water considering peak factor of 4 due to storm water(WWF) looking forward hearing from you. Thanks and best reagrds, Raad Al Badry, Ph.D. Senior Project Manage3r Environmental Dept. Khatib Alami (CEC) Email phone 00961 1 843 843 Ext 3201 Beirut, lebanon