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BiOWiSH™ to showcase technology at WEFTEC 2011


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September 21, 2011 --

September 21, 2011
For Immediate Release

BiOWiSH Technologies is showcasing its revolutionary technology at WEFTEC 2011. The BiOWiSH™ Global Environmental Team will be present at booth number 5449 to discuss recent and ongoing projects that have addressed a broad spectrum of environmental problems for clients worldwide. The event provides plant managers, engineers and scientists the opportunity to learn more about BiOWiSH™ technology.

BiOWiSH™ technology is a powerful composite biocatalyst that breaks down complex organic molecules, helping to eliminate organic waste, reduce odors, enhance soil fertility, and improve water quality, among other uses.

BiOWiSH™ combines bacteria, enzymes and co-factors that enhance the function and health of biological consortia. This unique approach allows biological systems to quickly adapt to various substrates and environmental conditions.

As a result, the integration of BiOWiSH™ enhances the biological hydrolysis and oxidization of complex organic material into stable end products, lowers sludge yield (mass of sludge generated per mass of BOD removed), and reduces the generation and emission of noxious odors.

BiOWiSH™ is used in a variety of applications, including wastewater treatment, odor and emissions control and hydrocarbon remediation. BiOWiSH™ is 100% natural and non-toxic, and is not sourced or developed from engineered bacteria. Although not required for most industrial and municipal applications, BiOWiSH™ is actually certified organic.

BiOWiSH™ has been proven in various applications to help facilities to meet government discharge and emission standards while reducing operating costs and improving operational stability.

About BiOWiSH Technologies 
BiOWiSH Technologies owns exclusive and global intellectual property rights to the development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of BiOWiSH™. Based in Chicago, IL the company has international offices in Sydney, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand. BiOWiSH Technologies has created innovative products to serve client needs in industrial and municipal wastewater, solid waste management, industrial cleaning, and soil and water remediation applications.

Lorenzo Gella
Senior EVP, Marketing Communications
P: +1 312 572 6780

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