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BIR 2017 Convention: Shifting Spotlight for E-Scrap


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With China clamping down on unprocessed scrap imports, how e-scrap is handled in Hong Kong and India is likely to change.

Two Hong Kong-based presenters said the city of more than 7 million people often has shipped its unprocessed or semi-processed WEEE materials to China, but now is facing changes.

Goh Kian Guan of Chiho-Tiande Group Ltd. said Hong Kong generates some 70,000 tons of WEEE materials annually. He said 80% of this material is collected, but then 93% of that is exported.

The clamped border to China created by National Sword is the latest factor that has prompted Chiho-Tiande to invest in a 60,000 tonnes-per-year WEEE processing plant in the Yuen Long section of Hong Kong. Goh described the facility as containing both manual dismantling capacity and automated shredding and sorting equipment. (Much of the automated processing equipment is being supplied by Denmark-based Eldan Recycling.)

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