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Bird Control Systems Prevent Birds’ Access into Dublin Hospital


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Dublin Hospital have called on Eco Environmental Services’ expertise over the last 2 years to eliminate the problems on site with both seagulls and feral pigeons by installing discrete bird control systems to prevent the pigeons and gulls from gaining access into sensitive and delicate areas of the hospital.

With the high health and hygiene standards and requirements of the hospital, a bespoke bird deterrent programme was put together by our specialist surveyor with recommendations for proofing to eliminate the problems as they developed.

Last year, Eco Environmental installed four large roof bird nets to prevent seagull infestations on the roof areas. These seagull deterrent systems were completed on time and on budget and highly successful in preventing the gulls from landing and nesting on these large roof areas.

This year, Eco Environmental were consulted to install pigeon deterrents to solve the feral pigeon infestations in several areas which caused concern over bacteria and insect infestations in the wards and high dependency units.

A large amount of fouling had to be removed before our trained team of installers could proof the area with our bird netting system Birdnet. The fouling cleaning was undertaken by a team wearing specialised PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to reduce any risk of cross transference of disease to our technicians. The fouling was initially disinfected, to kill any bacteria and organisms present in the material and to reduce any airborne spores contaminating neighbouring areas. The fouling was then bagged up and placed in sealed waste bags and removed off site for safe disposal at a licences waste transfer station.

Our bird control teams then installed a large and complicated anti bird net to the roof and light well area; this involved using scaffolding and mobile powered hoists in a very restricted area to achieve the desired results and box in a girder system which pigeons were perching and nesting along. In addition, Eco installed horizontal bird netting under a walkway and installed bird spikes to keep the ambulance area free from feral pigeons.

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