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Bird Infestation Causes Problems for Food Facilities


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For food establishments, pest birds may affect the ability to comply with strict food safety guidelines. Bird-X Inc., provider of humane pest and bird control solutions worldwide, discusses a recent blog concerning the problems of bird infestation and ways to avoid it.

Bird-X’s blog published on February 22nd, 2016 reviews the various ways pest birds can generate serious threats toward businesses—more specifically food facilities. According to Food Safety News, colder temperatures boost the need for birds to find warmer, indoor shelters. Although this may be convenient for the birds, it causes more harm than good to the hosting food establishment.

Bird droppings can lead to food contamination, or even diseases spreading from bird to bird or bird to human. “Birds and their fecal droppings are carriers of over 60 transmissible diseases and more than 50 kinds of ectoparasites,” informs the blog.

In order to avoid bird infestation, it is imperative to block all potential points of entry and remove any possible roosting areas. Food Safety News reveals that once birds feel unwelcomed or threatened, they are forced to modify their activity patterns. This encourages the pest birds to seek alternative areas that are untreated.

Once pest birds do infiltrate a building, they must be removed humanely. Sometimes leaving a point of exit open may do the trick. In other cases, there are a number of humane bird control devices that are not only harmless to the birds, but condition the pests to deem the area unwelcoming.

With over 50 years in the humane pest control industry, Bird-X understands the issues of bird infestation and how to effectively eliminate the problem. Through a dedication of protecting human health, the wildlife, and the environment, Bird-X offers an array of unique products that rid unwanted pests off your property without any harm.

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