Black & Veatch Reissues Call to Action For Corporate Involvement in Rain Garden Program


Source: Black & Veatch Corporation

Celebration of First Corporate Rain Garden Draws Civic Leaders

Kansas City, Mo. – As part of the company’s Earth Day activities on April 21, Black & Veatch professionals, along with their families and friends, celebrated the first anniversary of Kansas City’s original corporate rain garden, which is affiliated with the city’s “10,000 Rain Gardens” initiative.

The celebration ceremony at the rain garden, outside the 8400 Ward Parkway office of Black & Veatch’s water business in Kansas City, drew many local dignitaries and civic leaders, who joined the company volunteers in planting an additional 75 native plants.

“Black & Veatch has taken a corporate leadership role in the 10,000 Rain Gardens Initiative and has encouraged active participation by other local groups,” said Dan McCarthy, President and CEO of Black & Veatch’s water business, in his opening remarks. “We've been pleased that our call to action on rain gardens has been taken up by civic and corporate leaders like Hallmark, as well as academic institutions such as the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Missouri – Kansas City,' McCarthy said.

Several of the Kansas City council members and other community leaders in attendance also commented on Black & Veatch’s civic leadership role.

'I appreciate Black & Veatch's leadership in this project and in its stormwater work for the city,” said John Sharp, 6th district councilman-elect. “The company has paved the way on this wet-weather solution. It's a good corporate citizen and a good corporate neighbor.”

Jan Marcason, 4th District councilwoman-elect, added, 'I appreciate Black & Veatch's corporate leadership in having this rain garden and all the work they do on stormwater issues.'

As part of the ceremony, McCarthy also announced plans to launch Phase II of the Black & Veatch Rain Garden program this spring, which will include the upgrade of a bio-retention area between the company’s two Ward Parkway buildings.

Family members of the Rain Garden Brigade, Black & Veatch professionals who have volunteered to help maintain the company’s rain gardens, can take part in the ongoing Rain Gardens for Kids program, McCarthy explained.

For example, Black & Veatch will donate a $50 native plant starter kit to the school of a family member, as well as multiple copies of the company’s educational brochure on rain gardens. Black & Veatch will also match the child’s school group with a rain garden expert to speak with them about rain gardens and other wet-weather solutions.

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