Black & Veatch selected to lead China’s Fuzhou environmental improvements project


Source: Black & Veatch Corporation

Black & Veatch, a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company, announced today it has signed a contract with the Fuzhou Municipality to provide consulting services for the Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project in Mainland China. The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank.

“The effort will help provide an improved and sustainable urban environment for the city of Fuzhou through the construction and rehabilitation of sewer networks, rehabilitation of inland river systems as well as strengthening urban governance in water resource management,” said James Currie, Regional Director for Black & Veatch’s Global Development Agency business. “It is expected that 1.85 million urban residents will benefit from this project.”

Features of the project include the construction and rehabilitation of approximately 300 kilometers (km) of sewer networks, the construction of three new pumping stations and the rehabilitation of another pumping station. Nantai Island will have a total of 46km of inter-connected inland creeks rehabilitated, the dredging and excavation of around 2.2 million tons of earthwork, the construction of stone-lined channels and rehabilitation of eight flood gates.  “The engineering measures will reduce pollution in open waterways, decrease the incidence of waterborne diseases and improve living conditions in the city,” explained Currie.

“Black & Veatch also is providing technical, institutional and managerial improvements, strengthening financial management, operation management, project performance monitoring system (PPMS) and resettlement monitoring, environmental monitoring and reporting,” said Yanhua Wang, who leads Client Services for Black & Veatch’s water business in Mainland China.

The company’s consulting services will be provided over a four-year period with completion scheduled for 2012.

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