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Black & Veatch water experts will participate in 25 professional sessions and workshops at AWWA ACE07


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Technology Transfer at Toronto Conference Includes Desalination, Membrane Applications, Sustainability

Kansas City, Mo. – Black & Veatch, a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company, announced today that water practice and technology leaders, project managers and other professionals from the company’s global water business are participating in 22 professional sessions and three workshops at the American Water Works (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE07) in Toronto on June 24-28.
 Professional sessions presented or moderated by Black & Veatch professionals include such diverse topics as:

  • Multiple Barriers for Multiple Contaminants at the Lake Pleasant Water   Treatment Plant (Phoenix(
  • Using Risk and Criticality for Large-Diameter Pipeline Asset Management
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies for Municipal Effluent Treatment – Final Results from AwwaRF Study
  • Getting Ready for Climate Change – Implications for the U.S. West
  • Developing a Water Management Strategy for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

 Black & Veatch professionals also are leading workshops on operation and maintenance of membrane filtration systems; risk management and cost control for construction of large water facilities; and communications among pieces of equipment.   
 Ten poster presentations by Black & Veatch professionals have titles that range from “With Some Help From Gravity: Sustainable Solutions Through Engineers Without Borders” to “Meeting Multiple Challenges on a Small Site with Advanced Membrane Filtration and Granular Activated Carbon.”
 Research highlights include four Black & Veatch-led projects sponsored by AwwaRF, the California Energy Commission and UK Water Industry Research. Examples are “Desalination Facility Design and Operation for Maximum Energy Efficiency” and “Long-Term Effects of Disinfection Changes on Water Quality.” 
 “We are proud to have such a wide range of our technology leadership on display in such a visible way at this major conference,” said Dan McCarthy, President and CEO of Black & Veatch’s global water business. We’re bringing together some of the best global resources from our staff to demonstrate how our industry-leading experience can benefit clients.”

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