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Blaze at Murfitt`s tyre recycling facility


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A tyre recycling facility in Cambridgeshire has suffered a massive fire which was visible up to 40 miles away.

The Murfitts tyre recycling facility saw 200 tonnes of tyres go up in flames on 21 August and it was expected to take several days to smoulder out after firefighters decided the volume and compacted nature of the tyres made it impossible to put out.

Initially, ten fire crews had endeavoured to extinguish the fire.

The blaze caused several cylinders and a diesel tank to explode and two industrial buildings on the site were destroyed.

Smoke blew over the E-Space North business park in the village of Littleport and the town of Ely. Businesses and residents in the area were advised to keep windows and doors closed, while drivers on the A10 and A1101 were told to put headlights on when passing through the smoke.

E-Space North centre manager Kathy Brumpton said: “There are some businesses which have decided to close instead of keeping their buildings sealed and many employees have gone home.”

The Environment Agency carried out tests and found that the smoke was not toxic.

As yet, the cause of the fire is not known.

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