BLOBEL launches website for HDS Flood Barrier System


Source: Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH

Blobel’s new patented HDS Flood Barriers are fully flexible and can be designed to suit your needs. In developing this flood mitigation range, special attention has been given to inconspicuousness and protection from vandalism. The systems can also be completely demounted, making a safe, durable and invisible flood protection system.

A unique sealing and pressure design allows flood control from either direction, depending on flood mitigation requirements. Additionally, the use of a highly flexible, compressible and durable seal on the lowest barrier panel means that ground unevenness of up to 20mm can be handled with ease.

Through its unique design, the HDS Flood Barrier range can be easily integrated within new and old facilities and is ideal for protected and historical buildings. When stored, the flood protection system uses minimal space and the light weight aluminium barrier panels are easy to move and implement.

With Blobel Flood defence systems you receive maximum reliability. Flood barrier panels are specifically designed to fill with water in a flood defence situation, considerably increasing system stability. In practice, the designs show stability 1.5-3 times above average.

As not all facilities and flood protection requirements are the same, the HDS range is offered in several barrier profile dimensions. Blobel can accommodate your needs, weather you require installation within a doorway, in front of a door or recessed in an existing frame or wall.

To introduce this range to new and existing customers, Blobel has launched a product website, specifically for these systems. To visit the website please go to

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